unbelievable continued…..

Wednesday 7-01 – So like I was saying… we started rounds with the doctor and headed to the general ward. During rounds we saw so many astouding and disturbing things. For example if a man or a woman fracture their hip, break their femur…anything along the lines of that they put them in a contraption that they call a “traction”, this device is a 6 inch stainless steel nail..sharp on both ends and i hope its stainless teel…this goes through the leg below the knee and im not sure if theis is through the bone or the muscle because there is not way of knowing…thedoctor didnt even know when i asked he just said “they guess” . Attached to this nails at the bolts on both ends it a horeshoe sharp piece of metal that extends towards ones feet nd attached to this is a thin rope with a 2-3 lb bag of sand attached to the end that is hanging over the edge of the bed….they think htat is this device is placed there on all the batients who have any type of break or fracture that this will pull the muscle and the bone will go back in place…basically what i got out of this was that they think magic is going to happen and that is they pray the bone will magically go back in place and the leg will heal. After we learned about this device from the Belgium nurse..she said that they always come back after they had to stay in the hospital for 10 months in this contraption…but come back from the same problem, because they never healed to begin with. This whole practice kills me because i just dont understand where the logic is. ????? We actually had to move a woman during rounds that was connected to one of these contraptins and she was screaming in pain until we found a position that the rope and bag would lie that didnt leave her in complete discomfort. At the hospital the y diagnose everyone that comes in with one of the following or a few of the following symptoms with “severe malaria”…vomiting, inability to suck for infants, fever, or diarrhea…these are not even symptoms of severe malaria…just normal induced malaria…but without getting bllod smears checked for parasite they go ahead and hive them quinine, which is a ttreatment for malaria here, but the amount that they use this drug is insane…almost everyone in the hospital is given this, reguardless if they have parasite or not. There is going to be a huge resistance within the next few years…guarenteed, and not only for quinine, but for antibiotics they give out too. Reguarless of what you come into the hospital for they put you on ampicillin, the antibiotic. (They think that antibiotics cure everything, and if you go to the hospital or duka la dala they give you antibiotics for anything you have…nothing else) We saew a woman having severe pelvic bleedins and they just left her to sit in her waste, even the doctor just said “pole mama..sorry mama” and perscribed her an antibiotic and went othe next one…he didnt check hre or anything…shes was just left to sit in her bloody sheets. The doctor tried to tell Lucy and i that this one woman was parapeligic…yet she had full motor skill control…i really dont know where they get they’re diagnoses from but i’m pretty sure its out of their butt. We saw severe infectin of the legs, arms, face and lips…really intense, HIV+ patients in stage 4, burn patient (mostly children) that were not really being treated…they just clean the burns with a simple saline soluntion and then put gauze over it…not cream or anything that would aid in healing at all or strong pain killers to alleviate their pain…so hard to watch this being done. Right now at the hospital there are 5 German orthopedic surgeons who were vounteering their time and supplies to help children with growth deformities….so there are many children in the hospital with casts on, but Tanya the Belgium nurse (whos been her 5 months and 6 months last year) said that if they werent here those children would either sit on the sit of the road and beg for money because they are disabled, never walk or be treated properly by their families, or be placed in one of those traction devices and nevr truly heal….they dont use cast here at all nor do they perform any orthopedic sureries anything close to what the Germans are doing or anything like in the US. After the main wards we went ot the private rooms, which are not so private as they have 2-3 beds in there but we went to see one patient and there was a dead body that was covered up in one bed that had been there since the previous night and jut didnt make its way to the mortuary yet, and in the other bed was a woman that was admitted because she’d been severely beaten by her husband…mainly to the head. She lobes and temple were severly swollen. When the doctor went to check on her he continuously hit her on the should to get her attention and when she didnt look at him he picked up and turned her head toward him . Her eyes were comletely glazed over and she appeared completely sedated (even though shed been given no medicatins yet…and when he let go her head just fell back to the ther side…he didnt seem to think there was any problem with her, but between Lucy, Tanya and i we concluded that she had suffered severe brain trama from the blows, or she was experiencing internal bleeding, in which case there is nothing that can be done…not even equiptment to detect that. I’m really interested to see what the outcome of this womans stay is and even if she lives…. After rounds Lucy and I went ot change the dressing of patients with Tanya. Tanya has been here for 5 months and she said theat, if she wasnt here none of this would be being done to help the patients…she’s been the only one changing the dressing on patients wounds since she got here…that none of the nurses really do anything or proactive in taking care of the patients, so since she’d been here they know she’ll do all the work so they just leave it to her which is really a shame. Anyways so went and changed the dressings around the draction devices on patients, on the burns on the kids, and on this one woman in the hospital for beds sores. NOw when i say bed sores you might think of one the size of a quarter maybe a little bit bigger…at least thats what i was thinking when Tanya said she had bed sores but boy was i completely wrong. She had one on her right hip that is about 3 inchaes in diameter and its so deep you can see layers of tisse, all they was down to her muscles, the has 3 one the other side of her hip that are a little smaller in size and not so deep, but the most intense and disturbing one was the one on her back and butt. This once was at least 7 inches by 6 or more, it was insane. It was so large that is covered half her butt and up into her back…and so deep you could not only see all the tissue and muscle, but you could see her organs and bowels. I think that the truly disturbing part about seeing this was, not the fact about seeing it but that there is literally nothing being donw, except the same for the kids with burns…just cleaning it with saline soluntion and putting new gauze and tape over it…thats it.This woman will never heal and will basically lie there until she succumbs to the pain or a severe infectio. So so sadAfter changing dressings on the patients we scrubbed out and headed to the canteen for lunch. Instead of getting lunch at the canteen we were directed over to the big tents they were setting up that morning for a celebratin for the Germans being there and leaving….


have to leave again ill finish this later i promise!!!


One Response to “unbelievable continued…..”

  1. GM & GP Says:

    Holy Smokes!!! As an old EMT and Ski Patroller it is very difficult to read your details of medical care that is in a word “primitive” at best. We could do better than that out on the mountian before we transported. Can’t imagine being there to witness the actual level of care that is provided.

    Can’t wait for you to get home. Keep away from all the bugs and germs that you can.

    lol, GM & GP

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