Omnashida – No problems!

Sunday 7-05- Woke up and ate Breakfast at Center House Hostel with EMily, Elysse, Selena and Spencer then headed to the Patisserie to use the internet which was unsuccessful as my lastest blog that was in 3 pieces can show…

Went back to center house to pick up our bags and helped Elysse and Emily move into the African Tulip where they’ll be staying until Thursday. After dropping everything off we headed to Green Hut for the usual rice and vegetables then back to the African Tulip hotel for the day. This place was amazing i forgot what a real comfy bed looks like or a real porcelin tolit….not to mention a HOT shower!! We went down to the pool and layed out in the sun in bikini tops…i forgot i had a belly button haha i have not wore a bathing suit of anything less reveling than thick tank tops or t shirts around here…. not that i have to mention this but my stomach is pretty much transparent haha, especially compared to my bloack chest and arms. We didnt lay out in bikini bottoms….mainly because my legs look like a 12 year old girls since i have no shaved them in over 7 weeks so we all just left that all covered up. We hung out in the sun and read for a few hours and then they let me use their shower before i made the hour long journey back to Nkoraranga! I never thought it would be possible to get so excited over a shower until now, this was hot steaming water that i had an infinite amount of..not a 5 gallon bucket ful of mixed hot and cold water that i have to be careful with in order to get all the soap off of me! I took a shower for a good half an hour, well acutally i think i stood there for a good 20 minutes of that and enjoyed my last shower until the end of july!

Headed up Impala Road to catch a daladala to Kikatiti and Kilala and then caught another dala from Kilala to Nkoraranga and headed home. The dala going up the mountian was bursting at the seams with people sitting, standing, squatting, hanging out the door and window…there were many times that i didnt think it was going to make it up the hill and that it was just going to stall and roll back down the mountain. As much as i think dalas are insane and really unsafe, i love the transportation system here. I find it absolutely incredible that i can travel an hours distance for less than 80 cents.

When i got home i played with Gertrude who was jut fed…i was bouncing her up and down and she spit up all over me haha…i really should know better since babies will obviously throw up on you if you throw them in the air right after they ate …whoops

Monday 6-08- Went to the hospital at 8 and worked in the lab all morning until lunch at 1 pm. In the lab i drew blood all day, so i was the phlebotomist and pricked fingers for malaria blood smears and hematocrits. I also got to do an umteen amount of malaria blood smears, HIV tests, and blood type test all morning. Lots of fun

After lunch i worked in maternity with Deb and Lucy, weighing babies, taking vitals, and administering shots. I left work at 3 pm and headed back to Arusha. On the dala ride down the mountain a boy about 12 years old was sitting next to me. I was reading “Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vongete’ and the little boy started sounding out the words on the page out loud, so i asked him if he wanted me to read it too him, This little boy gave me the biggest smile and say nydio nydio -yes yes. So i helped him sound out the words on the page, going very slow sentence by sentence. So i spent the 25 minute ride down the mountiain reading this book to the little boy who seemed to enjoy every second of it as much as i did. I got out at Kilala at the bottom of the mountian and caught another dala to Kiegengejoo and walked to the African Tulip to meet with Emily and Elysse. I came in for a farwell dinner with the two of them and Chirstine joined too and i have a day off tomorrow since its a holiday so the whole plan worked out very nicely to come in for dinner. We hung out in the sun for a while and then went to Cafe Bamboo for dinner. I’ve developed a love for tangawizi -ginger and cinnamon spiced chai, they’re so big here and tamusana- delicious, so thats all i order to drink anywhere besides the occasional coke to kill anything harmful in my stomach…at least i hope it does

After dinner we got a taxi back to the African Tulip and drank a bottle of wine on the porch and then headed to bed. Tonight was the first night i got to sleep in a non-bug infested bed…so sooo happy about that.

Tuesday 6-09 – Headed out to the craft market to get a few more presents for people at home and then walked to McMoodys for the internet, but it didnt work, then i walked about 40 minutes up to Nigero to drop off a konga at Mama Lindas so she could make me purses, but she wasnt there so i walked 40 minutes back to the Patisserie to use their internet, which luckily worked!

A note on the men here…i dispise them and cannot stand them anymore. You walk down the street here and they follow you with their crafts, paintings, newspapers, and sometimes they just follow you. They get to close to you and grab your hand or wrists and pull you in the direction of their friends shop….they drive me insane. I mean ive learned to not say anything to them and just walk really fast, because they only like to walk pole pole -very slowly, but i just cant handle them anymore. they have no shame and hold no concept of personal space, which completely pisses me off. When they say he dada(sister), or mzungu and grab my wrist i normally flail my arm to get my hand back and they dont understand what the problem is. Sometimes if you dont talk to them when they’re following you they’ll start yelling at you or spit near you because they say “american are supposed to want to talk, you have money give me money” and if you tell them where your going to get them off your back they follow you there and say “now you pay me” and i just say im not paying you t follow me when i  told you to leave me alone. I mean dont get me wrong its really safe here in the day, but i just cant handel how rude and obnoxious these guys are….probably my least favorite part about Tanzania

Heading out to Green Hut for lunch with Christine and then going to Blue heron to write papers and read for the afternoon!!

Lots of pictures posted on facebok, more to come!


2 Responses to “Omnashida – No problems!”

  1. GM & GP Says:

    Your blogs continue to be very interesting. Also looked at all your new photos. Hard to believe that we in USA have come so far and that the land that was the cradle of civilization has not progressed very far.
    Testifies to the wisdom of our founding fathers and their creation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our melting pot has been the engine of our creativity and progress. Three cheers for the Red, White & Blue.

    lol, GM & GP

  2. Erik Says:

    Sounds like you are getting some great on the job training there! Your last few blogs have been unbelievable reading, especially the surgeries. I know what you mean about the pushy salespeople, that was one of my least favorite parts. The first day I was there was a little intimidating because all I wanted to do was go walk around town and sight see and instead you spend the majority of your time fighting these people off. It changes your day from being relaxing to stressful in a short amount of time. No matter how many times you say “hapana asante” they just don’t get it!

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